Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekends of Spring

My kids are made for sunshine, outdoors, dirt, space, and time.  This past weekend was a "warm fuzzies" weekend for me.  We played outside from sun up to sun down both days.  No joke!  We ate outside every meal. Blake did all his potty breaks outside. :)  
We face-timed with Baby Luke, that is the only thing that brought the girls inside on these warm spring days.  That little boy has probably face-timed more in his 2 months of life than most in their lifetime...thanks to these 2!  We roasted hot dogs on sticks, we caught worms, we rode our bikes, we dug dirt holes all over the yard, did tricks on the trampoline, fried fish and pickles, played softball, and frisbee (which Autum calls "Crispee!), we played with friends and family, shot baskets, worked on the boat, worked out in the garage. I kept looking around at my little blessings playing and getting along, and feeling very thankful.  Content.  And at peace.

These are the days I don't want to end.
(until bedtime routine starts, and the whining exhaustedness kicks in..then it can go faster)

"Baby Luke!"

Scooter races.  Blake was at a disadvantage.

"We are best friends with best friend necklaces so we are going to walk around like this holding them together, all day!"

"Team Huddle"

Waiting on daddy to load up the hotdog sticks for roasting.

Piggyback rides.

Fingernail service outdoors!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break Part II

If this picture is any indication of the success of our Spring Break week...you will realize it was spent outside mostly.  Ha!  I even had to eat off of a toddler fork by Monday morning. 

 We spent a lot of time at the various parks McPherson has to offer.  Even testing out some new ones.  Daddy even had a few minutes during his crazy work schedule right now...(AKA Plant Shutdown) to play!

We took short naps when and where we could! ha! 
Helped prepare lunch at Mimi and Papa's!
I found a few quick minutes to write up some articles for www.watchfit.com

And Blake and I made a quick run to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City for his yearly check-up at the Down Syndrome Clinic.  We left at 4:30 AM, got there at 8:00 AM only to find out they moved the clinic...to a new facility, with no signs, in a building that was formerly a business office-and shows no signs of medical anything...BUT we finally made it..an hour late.  I fully convinced them we WERE going to be seen...haha!  We turned around and drove back home after noon.  Clear bill of health.  Ears look good.  Gonna make some changes to his IEP and Behavior Plan.  We have a sleep study scheduled for the summer.  Otherwise, great!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break+Some

This past week and half has been Spring Break for us!
We've been on the go since last Wednesday when they first got out of school.

Girls spend a few moments with Daddy, and I come back to find them practicing their fishing skills in the backyard.

Spent an afternoon and Mimi and Papa's, shooting bows, riding 4-wheelers, and hiding Easter eggs.

Spent the day at Rolling Hills Zoo with friends

Can't go anywhere without snacks...with my crew

Right before I took this picture, a gorilla ran up and smacked his face against this glass and all the kids screamed and jumped back landing on strollers and us mom's!  (Note-Leah standing back a distance now)

"What are THEY doing mom??"  They are hugging, kids, hugging.

Jerad and I hit up the Cottonwood River for some bass fishing.  If this picture is any indication of our luck...then you know it was a slow day.

Right before this, I cast a line and threw Jerad's new reel into the river.  And right before that, I broke his other new reel, somehow.  So by this point I was left with my push button rod and reel and chasing geese. 

We went on a date that night, only to get in the truck and discover we are getting old, wearing matching shirts.  Mossy Oak night it is!

And my phone keeps getting inundated with pictures of this squishy, lovey, little man.  My nephew.

The kids spent a weekend with Grandparents and the Tanganiyka Zoo...the things these girls can get their Papa to do...

Feeding bunnies..

And kangaroos...

Riding in toy barrels.

St. Patrick's Day!!

This little girly and I spent a morning together. Wish I could bottle up this cuteness and age and save it forever.

Aunt Kate and Uncle Jeremy visited with Baby Luke.

This girl was in Heaven!

Autum was a little jealous..and needed Daddy reassurance.

So did Blake...

Everyone pass around the baby.

"Yay, Mom!"

Love. :)

Stay tuned for the 2nd half of the week activities posted soon.

Autum schooled Blake in a soccer game wearing a square dancing skirt.  And we shot bows at Papa's.

Leah attended softball camp a few days this week.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Photo Dump

Teaching Leah the fine art of making Ro-Tel snacks!
The last few week's at our house.  
We had our own Red Carpet Oscar Party with curling irons, dresses, fancy finger food, and microphones.

Our next Red Carpet actress.

And Blake had to get in on the fun...

Autum and I went to the McPherson girls basketball game against Buhler, to watch the cheerleaders, of course.

The girls went sledding behind daddy's truck.

Blake was confused which season it was, when he came out to join us in his swimming suit instead of his snow suit.

We celebrated my parent's 40th wedding anniversary last weekend at my sister's house with Baby Luke.

Cousins meeting first time cousins.

Leah's a pro at this babysitting business already.

Luke Russell and his Papa...Russell was my grandpa's first name. (my dad's dad)

Girl's spent the sunny afternoon prepping for the upcoming fishing season. Waiting for the spawning of the white bass.
Blake's really learning a lot at gymnastics.

Autum is practicing her cheer moves she learned.