Tuesday, August 5, 2014


In addition to my previous post, "Addressing my CrossFit Problem," I have also been blessed with the opportunity to interact and live out life with some amazing women.  I was offered a personal training job at our local YMCA, a while after I lost my job as a CrossFit coach.  I wasn't sure if I was ready to jump back into coaching and training so I took a long while to pray about it and discern whether it was a good step for me or not.  I was still carrying around a lot of emotional baggage.

But just like in my joining RxBound team, God seemed to nudge me in that direction.  So I accepted.  And am so glad I did.  It was a healing step for me.  It has brought me so many opportunities, blessings, and perspectives.  It was clearly part of God's plan for me.  Again, another piece of my puzzle.

I have earned the opportunity to train women...not just women, but amazingly strong women.  Some who have overcome hardships of many kinds...
A woman who lost a child.  Big grief.
A young woman who is overcoming a career-ending injury with so much heart--just to get back on her motocross bike.
A woman who is overcoming anxieties and issues related to an abusive relationship in her past.
A woman who has had an extreme weight loss journey, but the fear of gaining it back is almost debilitating.
A woman who is getting remarried this summer and is hoping this time is "it."
A woman who wants her post-pregnancy body to disappear, for good.
A woman recovering from a car accident that has left her in chronic pain.
And many more...

These are all women who have chosen to use fitness as a means to overcome.  To relieve stress.  To empower.  To redirect pain and hurt.  To heal.  To gain strength.  In all aspects of life.  Emotional.  Mental.  Spiritual.  Who are wanting to regain control. One day at a time..sometimes a step or two back.

And God is allowing me to be a part of this journey with these women. He is using my gifts and passions to help others.  He knew that this would be the route these gals would go to get better...and He knew I would need them as much as they needed me.  I'm talking about perspective.  And humility.  And purpose.  As we are growing together. As overcomers...

All at this point in life, we would need each other.  At just the right time.
Only God.  A "God thing."
No other explanation.
Focusing on others and helping others, within God's will, in His timing, in His way.
And thankful.


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