Friday, August 22, 2014


Leah did her first triathlon. The Salty Pup triathlon in Hutchinson.  She swam 100 m. Rode her bike 4 miles.  And ran 1 mile.  She trained off and on throughout the summer to prepare.  My mom and I did the Salty Dog triathlon, put on by Hutch Rec.  It is an annual event we have done for many years now.  The big difference this year was my daughter joined us!  3 generations competing.  I went first in the events and my goal was to finish fast so I could get back and help Leah start on her events.  I got back just as she was finishing her last lap of swimming.  Thank goodness my dad was on the scene to help out.  He got her started.  I tell you, it takes a village because my grandparents kept the little ones overnight at their house so we could be up bright and early to compete. 

After I saw Leah surviving the swim event, I was able to breathe a little easier.  I knew that would probably be the toughest part for her. Her first 2 miles on the bike was waving and smiling..the last 2 miles...her handlebars were weaving back and forth and  her little legs were slowing.  I helped steer her into the transition area so she didn't take out any volunteers with her wobbly steering.  We took a few sips of drinks and off we went for the last mile.  We walked/jogged to landmarks along the way.  As we neared the finish,
she took off!  Smiling and sprinting her way across the finish line.  She did it! And I couldn't be more proud.  This was our first  event/activity to do together, and it was a blast!  My heart was full. 

When finishing, my dad told Leah he'd buy her anything she wanted because he was so proud of her! I glared at him under my sunglasses knowing this girl doesn't hold anything back in demands, desires, wants!  She said, "I was thinking about this on my bike ride, and I want a box of hair dye and a lipstick taser!"

Yep. That's what she wanted.  Luckily she settled with some back to school clothes and shoes.

Then after that big weekend...Leah began school!!
Her first few days as a 3rd grader..and her new back to school outfit she earned from her triathlon finish!
And Blake, Autum and I started a new tradition of feeding the ducks before we pick up Leah from school each day.

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