Thursday, March 20, 2014

Potty Training 101

So this week I went to buy another box of $35 diapers and decided, I'm tired of buying them. We are done.  Time to take Blake's potty training more seriously.  I can do this...Ugh, yep! I am going to tackle this during Spring Break...we will be home, it's nice out.  What an adventurous way to spend the kid's 7 days off from school! Whoohoo!

I bought pull ups.  And Skittles. (and should have bought another bottle of wine--I always forget how crazy potty training makes me!)
But *sigh* this hopefully should be my last effort at this...

After buying the Skittles, Autum zeroed in on how she could possibly get one.
"You bought Skittles?"
"For me?"     No, Autum, these are for Blake to get when he potties in the toilet.
"Oh. I don't get one? None for me?"  I have a deal for you...when Blake potties in the toilet, you both get a Skittle...
"Ok! Ok!  Oh boy, going potty in the toilet!"

This conversation took place on our drive home from the store...when we got in the driveway, Autum was squealing with excitement.  I unbuckled both of them from their carseats so they could scramble out of the van...meanwhile, I went to the back of the van to begin unloading groceries.  I heard Autum encouraging Blake to hurry up...and glanced around the van in time to see her dragging him up the porch stairs by the back of his hood on his sweatshirt...

I laughed to myself and let them be.  I had groceries to put away, anyway, they could fend for themselves for a few minutes.
I unloaded groceries for a minute and my mom instinct kicked in...I better go check on them because there was quite a bit of commotion going on upstairs...

I walked up the stairs and peered inside the bathroom door (hoping to observe a minute or two, before they saw me)--this was my plan, of course, unless I needed to take immediate just never know what you are going to walk into in these situations.

I had to keep from laughing out I witnessed this:
Blake was standing, stripped down to only his socks, on a pink stool in front of the toilet...Autum was standing behind him with her hands on his hips....yelling at him to hurry up and pee...
"DANGIT, Blake! GOOOO PEEEEE PEEEE!!!  This girl wants a Skittle!!!"

Then, Blake bends over looks at his little pee-pee, points at it and then points at the toilet and says, "Go! Go!"

Oh my word. So many thoughts.
I love her natural God-given ability to care for him, nurture him, AND that my ingenius plan to give them both a Skittle may.  just. work!  She will be his biggest cheerleader (even if it is for selfish gains)

FYI: He did go 2 times in the toilet by that afternoon and we had a big jumping, cheering, yelling, clapping, and dancing celebration.  And of course, handed out Skittles.

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