Monday, September 24, 2012

Life at Home

I have had lots of people asking me what life has been like now that Leah is in school all day.

Well, after the first week and a half of Autum crying when Leah headed out the door for school each morning, we are finally getting adjusted to life.  It's definitely a lot quieter around the house.  And believe it or not, I actually sit down for longer periods of time now that she's being entertained by her teacher, and not me, for a change. 

But we get out quite a bit.  I think we have visited the park every morning for about an hour.  And it never fails, both kids poop their pants upon arrival!  Shear excitement, I guess!  I now take a diaper or 2 along, just in case. 

We go get a cookie and juice at Little Pleasures on Wednesday's...and we always pick one up for Leah too!

We sometimes stop downtown and chat with "Grandma Sharon" at Molly's on Main.  We never stay long because my stress levels are through the roof the entire time we are there, as the kids are tearing through all of the antiques and trinkets.

We go visit Tabor College track and climb the bleachers, run up and down the ramps, touch all the lines on the football field, climb in and out of the pole vault pit.

We will sometimes sit and watch "Elmo" on Sesame Street if I have some work to do.  Both kids always love to see Elmo on TV!

But we have also been working on a lot of sensory activities.  Here are a few:

Here we are looking for pennies that I hid in the playdough

Playdough for a try! Every time I turned around, one of them was trying to sneak a bite!

Then we did some cause and effect play, which this boy lives for!

Push the button....spray....

Then we take turns spraying each other..

And wiping it up. 
Then we use the spray bottle for a hammer!  Like everything else!
And finally...we have graduated to eating food out of a bowl (and not throwing it) with a spoon...all by ourself!
Yay! (PS--Daddy cut his hair last night...note the mohawk!)
Baby Girl is almost 2!

So Ornery!

Just another "ouchy" on Blake's forehead, from one of many spills he takes while climbing on EVERYTHING!

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