Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Mystery of Me

For some reason, I think I am mysterious to people.  I always feel like people are surprised by me.  Whether it be something I say.  Do.  React to.  Have tagging along with me. I don't know.  It's weird.  I have a good sense of reading people and constantly finding myself trying to 'figure people out' upon our first introductions. 

So I always feel like when people first meet me, they make their assumptions, and then are completely thrown off by another detail they learn about me.  Or I can read all over their face the confusion they are having trying to 'figure me out.'

Let me explain...
Scenario 1-->
I go downstairs in the Y, get my oly shoes on, rack up my weights, get my game face on, push around some heavy weights, cool down, maybe exchange a few words with some fellow CrossFitters in the process.  Observe people watching me, thinking they are trying to figure out who I am (because I don't live there, so am not there consistently), how old I am, what I'm doing, etc.  Then I go upstairs, get ALL 3 KIDDOS out of Toddler time and proceed to walk out the door, and am met by blank stares as the same people I made eye contact with downstairs--who thought they had me figured out--see me walking out with my 3 children asking questions like "who needs to go potty?"

They are totally thrown off.

Scenario 2-->
I work out of the house 2 days a week.  I wear workout clothes nearly everyday, because that makes up the majority of my closet, and is what I'm most comfy in.  So, I like to 'dress up' my workout clothes, in a sort of funky, my style kind of way.  High-top converse sneakers, tall socks, crazy color wardrobe, matching shoes to hair clips, fun layers of shirts...etc.  Some might say I dress a bit elementary for my age.  But I really don't care.  It's how I let out my 'artsy' side.  So I show up to work dressed pretty crazy, then run various errands, may end up in conversation with various people I don't know, and am almost ALWAYS asked how old I am.  Evidently I look younger than I am (which I will NEVER complain about), act older than I am (for the most part) or maybe because I have older children or have more education than people assume at first glance, because I get so many insane guesses at my age.  I believe this is the number one question I get.

Scenario 3-->
Jerad and I go out, may have a drink or two.  I may get my groove on dancing the night away.  Having a blast.  And people ask me about our family.  They are good with Leah.  They are good with Autum.  Then they are completely confused by Blake.  By us choosing to adopt him, a child with special needs, that will require assistance from us, his entire life.  By our willingness to travel to get him.  By us going to Ukraine By us simply adopting him because God called us too.  When people pick their jaws up off the table, we can usually continue on in conversation.  Being a woman, I always assume we don't 'look' like the typical family that adopts a child with special needs (whatever that may look like), or we don't act like the typical family that adopts Internationally because God called us too.  Who knows?  But we are.  And we did.  And we still love to live life.

These are only a few examples of people trying to 'figure me out.'  I may be over thinking things, but I always seem to get the same surprised look when people ask me questions about us.  :) I have always had a lot of interests, on all spectrums of the board, so I guess that is what my lifestyle portrays.  I love to paint and draw, but I love to workout, hard.  I love fashion and clothes, but I love to garden and be outdoors.  I love horses and hunting, and I love to dress up and go out dancing. 

Who knows? 
That's how God made me.
And I'm finally, at age 29 (almost 30), okay with that. 

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