Friday, May 12, 2017

First Feels of Summer

We absorbed as much sunshine as we could the first weekend of May.  Between Blake's Kiwanis Adaptive Track Meet, Leah's birthday celebration, and Girls on the Run 5k, visiting Aunt Kate and Luke at Milford Lake, and playing all day prairie surfing in our pond and flood was a near perfect 3 days.

Here are some snapshots of Blake's Track Meet: He ran the 50-yard dash. Softball throw and Standing long jump. He competed with his 1st grade classmates, Bella, Josh, and Jacob.

Then that evening, we headed to Carey Park in Hutchinson to celebrate Leah's Girls on the Run 5k.
She, my mom, and I ran 3.1 miles with her. She's been training with other girls from her school, along with mentors to help empower young girls to more in life!

Then the following day the kids spent their hours playing in the pond, in the yard, and in the mud!

Visiting Dillon Nature Center!

And then we traveled to Junction City, KS and Milford Lake..

I LOVE days like these where we can shut off all social media, unplug, escape the noise and rat race...and breathe fresh air, be lulled by the waves of the water, and laugh with those we love.  

I am re-awaking this blog to continue to document my kid's childhood for their benefit as they grow up...because most of all, I want them to remember THESE days.

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