Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day of May

May Fete Cheer Performance at MHS

Blake enjoying the May Day Parade. Ha!

Waiting in line for the Midway Motors Inflatable Robot!

Classic slide faces!

Holding hands with Mimi and each other on stroller ride to get Snow Cones

Face Painting at Madathon-May Day festivities


Bubblegum Sno Cone-first of year!
The first weekend of May always represents All School's Day in McPherson.  It is a huge event and the kids look forward to all of it each year.  Performances, parades, shopping, Sno Cones, Inflatables, petting zoo, Madathon, face painting--it is a HUGE community event.

On our way...

We walked to the park, leading the way with our stroller.  Blake pooped out early.

He may or may not have pushed a few kids off to ride this when he wanted...

We called this the Spider Web of Death for 4 and 5 year olds!

 Blake had his end of PreK picnic at the park on a rainy day.  

Leah had field day that afternoon after Blake's picnic, so we rushed back from the park to catch her in action.  Here they were playing melting tag...if you got sprayed you had to melt to the ground until your teammate whacked you with a half-swim noodle and woke you up.

Blake saying his end of school goodbyes to the school therapy dog, Cooper.

Leah's school BBq we had to celebrate inside because of rain.

Preschool graduation!!!

Blake getting his certificate of graduation from his teacher, Mrs. Robinson

Post-grad selfie!

Blake and his Para Miss Cosgrove.  He is so stinkin' cute!
His dance moves.

Then I had a surprise birthday party for Leah Friday night.  She was so mad at me hours before this because I wouldn't let her have a friend over, go play with the neighbor kids, or do anything fun...boy was she surprised when we pulled in the driveway after gymnastics and saw all the cars...she said, "I'm going to explode, I'm so happy!  Everyone is here for me!!" (with her hands clasped over her mouth in shock)

Then we loaded up after having pizza and opening gifts and headed over to pick up her friend to stay the night.  They went to open gym at gymnastics where they flipped, cartwheeled, did cheer stunts, jumped on the trampoline and wore themselves out.

On her actual birthdate, May 16.  She woke up early after going to bed very late...of course!  Played in the rain.  Played babies and school with her friend.  Got to take her earrings out and put new ones in, since it has been 6 weeks since she got them pierced.  And much more to come...

Other events not pictured... Leah told the older woman who runs our school crosswalk everyday how much she loves the way she puts her red lipstick on her teeth. Said she's never thought to do that with hers... LOL never a dull moment.

Autum threw away all the flossing sticks she got at her first dentist appointment, came downstairs crying that night mad, because the dentist lied.  I asked her how he lied and she said, "this DOES NOT taste like frosting!!"  (holding up one of the floss sticks)   Now I know why she kept begging all day to "frost her teeth!"

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