Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bad Karma

So Leah was having a rough evening last night..
You see, we went to the first high school softball game of the season--where there is lots of stimulation...people yelling, parents getting excited, lots of people (we are State-defenders so there are more people at these games than the typical high school girl's fast pitch game)..lots of old people giving her candy, there's a big playground area usually swarming with kids, there's lots of open space...LOTS to overstimulate a child like her...

So we were ready to leave, well...I wasn't...the two little ones were cold and tired.

I gave Leah the countdown..."5 minutes....okay, we are leaving in 2 minutes....okay 1 minute...okay we are leaving..."

I knew it wasn't good when she sprinted to the van, not paying any attention to the cars driving by, the busy street she ran through...etc.  She was in 'crazy-girl' mode..


Well, we get home and I decided to have her take a bath to help calm her down.  When she gets in this mode, we can not do anything to help her 'come down' from her high.  No reasoning.  No consoling...nothing.

She tends to talk back, mouth off, not listen, scream, speak/yell loudly, literally climb the furniture, push/pick on Blake and Autum...and Jerad and I...just pushing buttons. 

So, like I said, we put her in the bathtub for some alone time and because the water around her is soothing, its compressing on the body.  Sometimes I'll even put some lavender oil in it to help.

Well, she began to quiet down, doing her typical routine...laying on her back with her head completely submerged...talking to herself.  So I knew it was working...

I took a deep breath and went to the kitchen to get a pot of chili cooking on the stove.

Not 5 minutes later I hear loud screaming..."MOM!"  "DAD!"  "ahhhhhhhhh!"

I have no idea whats going on, so my first reaction is to keep on cooking...LOL.  I have 3 children, by this point you don't rush into every screaming situation...(I know, parent of the year, right here)

Jerad runs into the bathroom...then I hear "Anna!"  "Get in here, NOW! I need your help!"

By this point I realize my services are needed.  As I walk into the bathroom I immediately start laughing...

Leah is straddling the top of the tub, hanging into the dowel rod, screaming "Look! Look!"

Well, I then look down at Autum, who is standing naked, soaking wet, with her hands behind her back, head tilted to the side, ,looking at me with those eyes saying "what's the big deal? why is everyone screaming/yelling?"

I look into the tub and see that she has made 3 brown deposits into the warm bubbly water.

I am nearly in tears of laughter by this point, because my guess is that she walked into the bathroom, stripped down, got into the tub, made her deposits, and got right back out....


I'm sorry, but this left me in stitches all night.
I told Jerad, that incident would be enough punishment for Leah's mouthing off earlier, that we were planning to address post-bath.

Autum just took matters into her own hands....
Bad Karma, sister, bad karma...

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