Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Nadine

Meet Nadine.  

She is pretty cute.  Despite having just been woke up.  This little gal has a special place in our home because we have been assigned "Prayer Warrior's" for this baby girl.  Our constant prayers are for someone to see her as their own and become her Forever Family.  This little gal lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  She will never celebrate her birthday, never know of a holiday, never get hugs and kisses, never get gifts, or spoiled by a grandparent...unless someone steps out in faith and brings her into their family.  

Leah and I make a point to pray for her every night. 

Amidst the prayers for her teddy bear, Ken and Barbie...

For new monkey bars.  

For a warm day to go to the pool. 

For her friends Rylie, Savannah...her daddy, etc.

She utters a simple, innocent prayer of "and help baby Nadine know you have the whole world in your hands."

Baby Nadine wasn't the only one who needed that reminder tonight.  

So did I...and I imagine, so do we all.


Girl, born June 2010

What a gift to be able to list another little one before her first birthday!
Nadine has Down syndrome and  congenital heart disease, for which she has already had surgery!   Truly, this is one lucky little girl!  Even if she wasn't happy they woke her up for pictures :)

These children are blessed to be in an excellent orphanage, however this region typically requires 3 trips.  This is a great orphanage and the children receive excellent care, and there is minimal travel in-country.  This orphanage is close to the Capital city, so it's fantastic for sight-seeing.
We have had many successful adoptions from this orphanage, and families are willing to share their experiences.

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