Friday, August 22, 2014


Leah did her first triathlon. The Salty Pup triathlon in Hutchinson.  She swam 100 m. Rode her bike 4 miles.  And ran 1 mile.  She trained off and on throughout the summer to prepare.  My mom and I did the Salty Dog triathlon, put on by Hutch Rec.  It is an annual event we have done for many years now.  The big difference this year was my daughter joined us!  3 generations competing.  I went first in the events and my goal was to finish fast so I could get back and help Leah start on her events.  I got back just as she was finishing her last lap of swimming.  Thank goodness my dad was on the scene to help out.  He got her started.  I tell you, it takes a village because my grandparents kept the little ones overnight at their house so we could be up bright and early to compete. 

After I saw Leah surviving the swim event, I was able to breathe a little easier.  I knew that would probably be the toughest part for her. Her first 2 miles on the bike was waving and smiling..the last 2 miles...her handlebars were weaving back and forth and  her little legs were slowing.  I helped steer her into the transition area so she didn't take out any volunteers with her wobbly steering.  We took a few sips of drinks and off we went for the last mile.  We walked/jogged to landmarks along the way.  As we neared the finish,
she took off!  Smiling and sprinting her way across the finish line.  She did it! And I couldn't be more proud.  This was our first  event/activity to do together, and it was a blast!  My heart was full. 

When finishing, my dad told Leah he'd buy her anything she wanted because he was so proud of her! I glared at him under my sunglasses knowing this girl doesn't hold anything back in demands, desires, wants!  She said, "I was thinking about this on my bike ride, and I want a box of hair dye and a lipstick taser!"

Yep. That's what she wanted.  Luckily she settled with some back to school clothes and shoes.

Then after that big weekend...Leah began school!!
Her first few days as a 3rd grader..and her new back to school outfit she earned from her triathlon finish!
And Blake, Autum and I started a new tradition of feeding the ducks before we pick up Leah from school each day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


In addition to my previous post, "Addressing my CrossFit Problem," I have also been blessed with the opportunity to interact and live out life with some amazing women.  I was offered a personal training job at our local YMCA, a while after I lost my job as a CrossFit coach.  I wasn't sure if I was ready to jump back into coaching and training so I took a long while to pray about it and discern whether it was a good step for me or not.  I was still carrying around a lot of emotional baggage.

But just like in my joining RxBound team, God seemed to nudge me in that direction.  So I accepted.  And am so glad I did.  It was a healing step for me.  It has brought me so many opportunities, blessings, and perspectives.  It was clearly part of God's plan for me.  Again, another piece of my puzzle.

I have earned the opportunity to train women...not just women, but amazingly strong women.  Some who have overcome hardships of many kinds...
A woman who lost a child.  Big grief.
A young woman who is overcoming a career-ending injury with so much heart--just to get back on her motocross bike.
A woman who is overcoming anxieties and issues related to an abusive relationship in her past.
A woman who has had an extreme weight loss journey, but the fear of gaining it back is almost debilitating.
A woman who is getting remarried this summer and is hoping this time is "it."
A woman who wants her post-pregnancy body to disappear, for good.
A woman recovering from a car accident that has left her in chronic pain.
And many more...

These are all women who have chosen to use fitness as a means to overcome.  To relieve stress.  To empower.  To redirect pain and hurt.  To heal.  To gain strength.  In all aspects of life.  Emotional.  Mental.  Spiritual.  Who are wanting to regain control. One day at a time..sometimes a step or two back.

And God is allowing me to be a part of this journey with these women. He is using my gifts and passions to help others.  He knew that this would be the route these gals would go to get better...and He knew I would need them as much as they needed me.  I'm talking about perspective.  And humility.  And purpose.  As we are growing together. As overcomers...

All at this point in life, we would need each other.  At just the right time.
Only God.  A "God thing."
No other explanation.
Focusing on others and helping others, within God's will, in His timing, in His way.
And thankful.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Addressing My CrossFit Problem

Where do I begin?

6 months later.  From this point in time.
I have been reflecting as of late.  Just marveling, honestly, in how much has changed in my life.  Of God's greater purpose in my journey of life this past 1/2 year.  How His orchestrated plan is slowly playing out.  Piece by piece.

So I wanted to share the pieces that I have been shown.  And help you to see what I see...
I left my old CrossFit gym as an athlete. And no longer coached.  I began working out at home while trying to discern my forward movement from there.  Lots of deep emotions. Pain. Hurt.  Which all equated to big FEAR.  Looking back now, I see it.  And it controlled me for a long while.  In fact, it still creeps its ugly head into my life in relation to my athletic career. 

But, eventually, I made a decision to hire a new coach.   I knew God called me to fitness as a platform of my faith.  As a platform of encouragement, one of my spiritual gifts.  I knew that He was gifting me in the sport of CrossFit-which seemed like the obvious direction to go and was going...and then it all changed.  And I had no idea what I was to do next.  It seemed crazy for God to give me such a clear direction in the sport, only to have it all taken away...I was encouraged by acquaintances who were big in the CrossFit sport, who have made it, who have achieved the goals I was/am working toward each hire a coach. Start there.

 It's the way the sport is going.  Get someone personalizing your workouts to your goals.  Address your weaknesses.  Build on your strengths.  Someone to focus just on you.

So I did.
Katie Chasey.  Also, known as Katie RxBound.  Owner/Operator of RxBound.  Based out of Florida.

 Whenever people ask, that line always gets them.
"How does that work?" Is usually followed up after a confused look.

I hired her as a satellite coach.  What that means is I video my workouts each day, send them to her, and she observes them in her time and gets back to me with her coaching cues/tips/corrections....along with encouragement and motivation.  I have worked out by myself most of my CrossFit career.  Have been self-taught on the majority of my training in technique.  The majority of my workload has been completed in my garage, just me and my bar.  But now I have a new set of eyes on me...eyes that come from an extensive background in coaching and lifting.  Expertise.  Programming.

Every rep.  Every lift.  Every movement.  She critiques.  And I get instant feedback. 

What is also awesome is I have become part of a worldwide "team."  Team RxBound.  I submit videos to a group board along with several Master's age women living in Florida.  A handful of men from Eastern Europe.  And a few others.  All coached by Katie.  All people I "train" with daily.  People I consider friends.  And they have become my "box."  My community.  My motivators.  My competition. 
This is the cool part of this story.
This is the piece of the puzzle I see God's hand in.

What God blessed me with since then, for yourself...straight from my coaches the purpose of our team:

"First and foremost, I aim to glorify the Lord in everything I do and to enjoy Him forever. Every day is an opportunity to do that. RXBound means more than RX "as prescribed" in every workout, but it is far more than that. It is living life as Christ prescribed. We all fall, slip, sin, and fail. Living for Christ is first and foremost realizing our shortcomings to understand our need for a perfect Savior. We can’t do a thing without Him but we can do all things through Him. Therefore, it is not about doing everything perfectly but rather it is about doing our absolute best in everything we do and in doing so we reveal more about who God is. In our training and in our lives, we remember to give praise and glory to God in our discernment, in our decision-making, in our goal-setting, and in our goal-achieving.

What RXBound is NOT is selling yourself short, giving up, or quitting. Do everything at your best from the moment you wake up to the time you walk into the gym, from the start of the timer to running through the tape.

I founded RXbound based on 1 Timothy 4:7-8 "......train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”

This.  This is where I got lost before.  I began making my achievements mine.  I began making my purpose about me.  I was working hard and going to get myself to the next level.  Me.

God was going to do it His way.  I was going to live out His goals for me, but this was the avenue He wanted me to go.  And it makes so much sense now.

I workout at home, now. Not at a box. While my kids play outside, or sleep quietly inside.  I can workout and be coached at my own house, especially during crazy weeks my husband is working and sleeping through his swing shifts.  I don't have to worry about getting to a gym, to get a workout in, to get coached.  To hire a sitter so I can go.  No I get better.  I get to be home.  I do my workouts in my own time.  Maybe between making waffles and filling milk cups.  Or taking kids to potty breaks.  Most days my clothes don't match and I might even forget to put on deodorant...but who cares. It's just me.

God wanted to make that aspect of training easier on me.  I see that now. 

I also workout outside of the gym.  A lot.  I am at a track a few times a week.  I swim a few times a week.  I get out on my bike some. 
All things I love to do.  And are making me a more well-rounded athlete. And keep me motivated. I look forward to those workout days!  And the change in the norm.  And on top of that, I was offered a job at the YMCA, which has an indoor pool.  That I can use.  And didn't have access to before. 

I also get a new workout schedule each Sunday...and it's personalized to me.  If I'm going to be in Kansas City for doctor's appointments for Blake all day Tuesday...Katie programs a light day....because God knew I am a dedicated, loyal follower to a plan...And all sorts of busy with my crew of kiddos.  He knew that personalized programming would be the best way for me to keep working hard and maintaining a high volume workout load, without stressing about missing a workout.  All while keeping up with my wife and mom duties, which are most important to me.

Again, I see it now.  A perfectly orchestrated plan.  One, I'm sorry to say, took me awhile to have faith in.  To trust.

But now I see.  A plan.
One I feel God's blessing in. Within His will.  And He is moving.  He is providing me with opportunities to use my platform.  To be fearless.  As an athlete.  Confident in His role for me.  He is gifting my abilities.  My progress.  He is blessing me with new friendships half a world away.
(He also blessed me with another opportunity serve others through coaching.  But that's for another day.  Another piece of the puzzle I'll share.)

Everything in Him. Nothing without, right?